Exposing Editorial Fashion Makeup

There are plenty of works that goes in the hair and makeup of your editorial fashion event or photoshoot, but first— prior to getting into details let’s examine the what. Precisely What Is editorial fashion, and why is it important? You are about to discover the concept of editorial fashion makeup like you’ve never seen it before.

Editorial fashion makeup is bold. Oftentimes abstract. And consequently provocative, because it breaks the principles that we’re often acquainted with. The aim of editorial fashion makeup is not to only “look cute”, but to produce an email through artistic means. If you’re not familiar with editorial fashion makeup, you could have at one point seen a glimpse of it inside the works reality, “geez, I would never wear that”. However that statement misses the actual. Editorial fashion makeup does not aim to interest our norm, but it redefines it by delivering a provocatively artistic message. 

Now that you have known the what, let’s head to the why. Suppose I’m the marketing director of a popular motor company, and for the era of our own new model BrandX, we’re looking to make a campaign that catches the attention of female viewers (since the car was made keeping the car safe features that moms might appreciate). In this situation, because the marketing director, I’ve decided that people should advertise inside a popular women’s magazine like Vogue, as an illustration. I understand and know that my audience is visual (mere text describing the vehicle just won’t do). So, just for this particular campaign I decide on a photo of a woman together with her outfit that appears like car parts. That, my good friend, is editorial fashion makeup. It communicates a note through clothes, makeup, hair styling and stuff like that. And due to its abstract nature, it hooks the attention of readers like nothing else can.


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